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Rosabella (Hybrid)

Bulb Shape : Flattened Globe
Bulb Size : 70-100 mm
Taste : Moderately Pungent
Skin colour : Intense Red
Storability : 3-4 months
Features : Intermediate red onion with good handling and storage ability. Vigorous plant habit with partial resistance to foliar diseases. Very intense external colour and internal ring colour development and single centres.

Black Label (Open Pollinated)

Bulb Shape : Round to Oval
Bulb Size : 60- 70 mm
Taste : Highly Pungent
Skin colour : Reddish Black
Storability : 2 months
Features : An outstanding mid-early maturing variety, Black Label is slow to bolt and produces firm and flat globe shaped bulbs with reasonably good storage ability.

Red Creole (Open Pollinated)

Bulb Shape : Globe
Bulb Size : 70-90 mm
Taste : Pungent
Skin colour : Deep Red
Storability : 2-3 Months
Features : An early intermediate day red variety for fresh market, it produces attractive red bulbs of medium to large in size. Plants are strong vigorous, offers very reliable yield.

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